About Canyon Industries

Canyon Industries, Inc. has been involved in machining services and the manufacture of small hydroelectric systems since 1976. The company was incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington in 1982.

Canyon Industries currently employs 45 - 50 full time employees. Canyon Industries is headquartered in a 24,000 square foot facility in Deming, Washington and the 30,000 square foot CNC Machining Center is in Sumas, Washington. The company has extensive machining and fabrication capabilities. Canyon Industries is a family owned, profit sharing business with low employee turnover.

Richard A. New, President, has worked at Canyon Industries since the company’s inception. Richard has an extensive background in hydraulics, metallurgy, production techniques, and employee management.

Daniel A. New, Vice President, founded Canyon Industries in 1976. Dan participates in company management and planning.

Brett W. Bauer, M.E., General Manager and Vice President in charge of design, has been the chief engineer at Canyon Industries for over twenty five years. Brett currently manages all design efforts, participates in sales and project management.

Canyon Industries' annual gross sales have averaged $12 - $15 million for the past few years. The company is current on all suppliers' accounts and has no other debt. All production and support equipment is owned without attachment by the company. Corporate occupied land and buildings are presently leased. Canyon Industries Inc. has no claims or lawsuits pending.